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Thermal Portable Printer, LS-02N
  • Thermal Portable Printer, LS-02N
  • Thermal Portable Printer, LS-02N

Thermal Portable Printer, LS-02N

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Detailed description


Product Description:
Type Thermal Portable Printer
Printing way Thermal sensitive line dot method
Paper width 58mm
Paper thickness 60  80μm
Valid printing width 48 mm
Resolution 8 dot/mm (230 dpi)
Dot /line 384 dots
Printing speed 50-80 mm/s 
Printing content Support any language 
Outer dimension  102*108*50mm
Weight 340g
Rolling paper Diameter 30.5mm
Interface Original IR( RAW_IR), VIR, IrDA ( IrCOMM) RS232 port, bluetooth, USB interfaces varied with different models.
Environment parameters Working temperature: -10℃~ 50                                                              Working humidity: 20%  85%                                                                                 Storing temperature : -20  70                                                                        Storing humidity: 5%  95%                           
Paper feeding method Easy paper loading 
Mark position Detecting mark position 
Paper sensor LED indicator flashes when come to paper end meanwhile alarm.
Printing Command ESC/POS compatible with commands set 
Power 1600 mAh rechargeable li-ion battery
Power alarm Indicator flashes when printer run out of power and give out two short hoots. When running out of power, buzzle will give out interval warning to indicate charging.