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Cash Register scale LS-ADS
  • Cash Register scale LS-ADS

Cash Register scale LS-ADS

Automatic Supermarket Machine Electronic Cash Register
Detailed description
Model: Max.Cap/Div:





Product Details:
Display 1.5" Color TFT, Both in vendor's and buyer's side.
2.Color display allows to show pictures of products during sales operations, as well as advertising images when the scale is not operatiing.
PLU 1.It can edit 1-999999PLUs, 12000PLUs data storage capacity.
2.400 pictures storage capacity.
Report 1.It can store 8000 single selling record, auto-delete the former record if full storage.
2.Annual report, monthly report, daily report, single item report, abnormal report, member report, abnormal report and clerk report etc.
Port 1.Cash drawer port, Upload and download data via Ethernet, import and export data via USB, scanner gun port.
Communication Interconnection and computer connection of scales based on Ethernet TCP/IP or VLAN.
Stock 1.To realize purchasing-selling-stock management function by using PC software.
2.Profit inquiry
Member Recharge, pay by card, points, discount based on membership level.
Edit Can edit shop name, address, telephone number and advertising by pressing keyboard directly on scales.
Keyboard 1.Membrane keyboard easy for input.
2.99 hotkeys, 4 pages in total, which can be lifted to put PLU sheet underneath.
3.Fast to operate, easy to clean and water-proof.
Sale Remember each dales record automatically after printing a label, no need to scan barcode, then print receipts by pressing key.
Printing 1.High quality thermal printer core. Printer life100km.
2.Support various fonts,capital letter, lower case letter, and various graphics.
3.Design printing format at freedom.
Barcode Support one-dimensional barcode and two-dimensional barcode.