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Cash Register LS-ECR-7000
  • Cash Register LS-ECR-7000
  • Cash Register LS-ECR-7000
  • Cash Register LS-ECR-7000
  • Cash Register LS-ECR-7000

Cash Register LS-ECR-7000

Automatic Supermarket Machine Electronic Cash Register with multi-language
Detailed description
Model Max.Cap/Div



Product Details:
Type Electronic Cash Register
Units N/A

Operator display:240*128 dot matrix LCD with backlight (40 letters^lO lines)

Customer display:10 digits LED Digital Tube

Power supply 6V/4Ah rechargeable battery,Input: AC100-240V 50/60HZ; Output: DC7.5V/3A
Packing 1pcs/carton ,Dimension(mm):335 (W)x375 (D)x175{H),N.W:3.5kg
Product Description:

• Multi-language display interface and printing, multi-level management menu, operation is very simple and easy.
(Including Chinese, English, Arabic, Persian, Spanish, Vietnamese, etc.)
10,000 PLUS storage capacity, support up to 60,000 PLUs by increase memory capacity.
• Has 56(28x2) Hotkeys, easy for calling out the goods for sale.
• A bill may be accumulated continuously 50 goods.
• Two kinds of sales model: 3 customers checkout in the same time or just one customer checkout.
• Support up to 99 users, 99 departments, and you can set the machine's ID number (0-9999), flexibility to set user
permissions, empowering users to manage, protects data security.
• Support hold on sale process and Retrieve function, max up to 50 sales.
• Avoid losing data when the power cut off function.
• Increase the stock function is easier to manage the store.
• Many sales type: PLU discount, one receipt discount, premium, coupons, service fees, and temporary price change, etc.(by amount or percentage methods)
• Have R/A and P/O functions, and cash drawer opens function.
• Revise the PLU price function, and check PLU detail information.
• Kinds of reports function is easier to check and print.Daily report, Clerk report, Hourly report, Division report, Department report, PLU report, PLU stock report, Stock warning report, and so on.
• Setting receipt's head and tail titles, head and tail LOGO, title words size and printing color depth etc.
• Setting the machine's date and time.
• 60 keys mechanical keyboard, rational and artistic designs that easy for user operating, Keys life up to 15 million times click.
• High quality thermal printer mechanism, printing speed is greater than 50mm/s, printing life over 50 kilometers.
• Operator display using large-size dots matrix LCD display with backlight, display interface intuitive and clear, human-machine interaction is very good.10 digits highlight LED customer display.
• Support External U-disk to storage per receipt details and daily reports.
• Connect with the computer by RS232 serial port, RJ45 Ethernet port or by U-disk, and can set PLU, hotkeys, receipt form, machine's parameters and many kinds of data upload or download by the PC software which in the CD.
• Support transfers the data to center data server automatically, and query the detail trade data and statistics data by IE

web browser via LAN or WAN.(Optional)